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Formnext + PM South China will hold its inaugural edition during 9 – 11 September 2020 in the brand-new Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center.


Anticipated to welcome over 10,000 visitors and host more than 200 exhibitors from around the world across approximately 20,000 sqm of exhibition space, Formnext + PM South China will bring a brand new experience to China’s manufacturing industry, covering an array of advanced technology, equipment and products under the categories of materials, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing, design, software and processing technologies.

Mr Zhang Bocheng, Business Development Manager, Siemens Ltd (China)

“Siemens has been exhibiting at Formnext in Frankfurt since 2016 and the fair continues to be an effective promotional platform and marketing tool for our company. When Formnext decided to come to China, we confirmed our participation without hesitation and look forward to fulfilling fairgoer’s expectations and sourcing needs.”


3DCERAM (China)

Mr Ma Tao, General Manager
“Over the years, Formnext has proven to be an effective tool for the 3D industry and expedited communications between an array of manufacturing firms and solutions providers in Europe. With the growing advancements in AM and PM technologies in China, I am confident Formnext +PM South China will offer new manufacturing insights to the region.”

Avimetal Powder Metallurgy Technology Co Ltd

Mr Zhang Guojun, Deputy General Manager
“Formnext and PM China are two of the most effective regional marketing tools for our brand. Based on the expertise from the successful annual fairs held in Germany and China, the debut of Formnext + PM South China in 2020 without a doubt be a huge success and will offer new sourcing experiences to the region’s manufacturing sector.”

Guangdong Hanbang 3D Tech Co Ltd

Mr Zhu Haowei, Sales Director
“Hosted by two of the world’s leading industry fair organisers from Germany and China, and held in Shenzhen, China’s largest manufacturing hub for applied 3D technologies, Formnext + PM South China is set to be one of the most anticipated industry events in 2020. We look forward to showcase our latest AM mould making, medical and dental solutions to the world.”

Qingdao Greenlong Machinery Co Ltd

Mr Chen Dongjian, General Manager
“We are delighted to learn that both Formnext and PM China organisers have joined forces to host the inaugural Formnext + PM South China in Shenzhen. Confident with the expertise offered by both German and Chinese fair organisers, I believe the fair will enhance knowledge exchange and help drive the development of AM and PM industries to newer heights.”

China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group

Mrs Chen Hongxia, Deputy Chief Engineer
“South China is one of the most world’s important manufacturing hubs and powder metallurgy technology markets in the region. Combining the successful experience from Formnext and PM China, we are optimistic Formnext + PM South China, held next fall in Shenzhen will without a doubt be a huge success and benefit the region’s manufacturing industry.”

Formnext + PM South China Summit

Explore endless possibilities in automotive and 3C manufacturing

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The Greater Bay Area in China is accountable for 11% of the country’s total production output worth close to RMB 10 trillion, earning its position as one of the largest manufacturing hubs in the world. Of all the productions facilities, computing, communication, and consumer (3C) as well as automotive manufacturing are the pillar industries of the Greater Bay Area. Due to the production requirements and market demand from automotive and 3C manufacturing firms, there is a strong demand for advanced materials and innovative manufacturing solutions. To enhance and support production of pillar industries in the Greater Bay Area, Formnext+PM South China organisers have invited various manufacturing leaders, industry expert and specialists to shed light on latest industry trends and case studies covering an array of advanced technology, equipment and products under the categories of materials, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing, design, software and processing technologies. Furthermore, the summit will act as the prelude to the inaugural edition of Formnext + PM South China, scheduled to be held on 9-11 September 2020 at the new Shenzhen World Exhibition & Conventional Center, one of the largest exhibition venues in the world.

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