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The 2023 Shenzhen International Additive Manufacturing, Powder Metallurgy and Advanced Ceramics Exhibition (Formnext + PM South China) has come to an end at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 31. This year’s edition experienced a substantial increase in both exhibitor and visitor participation, attracting 275 exhibitors who showcased their latest innovations across 20,000 sqm of floor space. The event also drew 13,183 trade visitors providing them with a platform to explore the latest in the fields of additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy, and advanced ceramics.

Formnext + PM South China highlights the growing importance of these production technologies in modern manufacturing and reflects the growing recognition of the value they can bring to diverse industries. As an international business platform, the exhibition is committed to connecting the additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy and advanced ceramics industries for participants from different industries, promoting information exchange, diversified applications and cross-border cooperation.

With the high expectations of many parties, the next exhibition will be scheduled from 28-30 August, 2024, Formnext + PM South China will meet you next year.


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Exhibitors Statements


Bright Laser Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Mr Vincent Yang, Vice General Manager
"As an extension of German Formnext, it has a strong brand influence and has a certain reputation and reputation in the hearts of professional buyers such as industrial manufacturing and metal processing. At the same time, because it is set up in Shenzhen, it can bring together a wide range of professional users in Guangdong and even the whole South China, such as molds, consumer electronics, auto parts manufacturing, intelligent hardware equipment and so on."

BASF 3D Printing Solutions Asia Pacific

Dr Li Chen, Head of Business Management and Operations
"Hailing from diverse industry backgrounds including automotive, consumer goods, and traditional manufacturing, attendees came prepared with specific inquiries and well-defined goals. We were pleasantly surprised by this level of engagement, as it facilitated efficient and effective communication.”

HP 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing

Mr Zhao Hua, Head of China Market
"This year's edition of Formnext + PM South China surpassed our expectations, drawing a strong and consistent flow of visitors, many of whom were end-users with specific objectives in mind. We launched a polymer solution for the healthcare industry and a metal 3D printing solution at the fair, which provided us with a valuable opportunity to engage in face-to-face interactions with both new and existing customers. The event’s broad focus enables us to connect with the entire regional manufacturing ecosystem, including not only suppliers of additive manufacturing but also powder metallurgy and metal injection moulding firms."


Ms Yan Yu, Deputy General Manager
“Shenzhen is an entrepreneurial hotbed and a hub for many national manufacturing and processing industries. At Formnext + PM South China we introduced our products to the local customer base engaged in batch production using 3D printing. The exhibition attracted a significant number of quality, export-focused visitors, providing us with the opportunity to expand our presence internationally. We launched new products and signed contracts with clients during our time here. The impact of the Formnext platform on industry education and brand exposure is undeniable."

AESUB scanningspray

Mr Max Liese, General Manager/ Co-founder
“We produce a non-permanent 3D scanning spray which effectively protects sensitive electronics when scanning shiny surfaces. We are excited about the potential of the Chinese market given the widespread use of scanning technologies by major automotive companies. Our booth, located centrally in the fair’s international pavilion, was an ideal position from which to connect with other exhibitors and attendees, including both small and large companies from China as well as other German enterprises. We encourage more scanning companies, especially those from China, to participate in this event and foster international collaboration.”

Shenzhen Uprise 3D Technology Co., Ltd.

"Our booth has a continuous visitors, including semiconductors, materials, and other related suppliers. The biggest help of the exhibition for us is to face the market directly, understand customer needs and pain points. Formnext+PM South China exhibition has built a platform for face-to-face communication with customers, ultimately achieving our expected results."

Avimetal AM Tech Co., Ltd.

"Formnext+PM South China is very professional, Customers come with their own goals to understand products and application scenarios with strong targeting. Therefore, we met many valuable users. At the same time, we also participate in forums aimed at professional audiences and user groups who want to be exposed to the R&D direction."

Vistar (Xiamen) Industries Co., Ltd.

Mr Zhang huaning, CEO
"In Formnext+PM South China, we met a wide range of customer including automobiles, medical equipment, as well as sculpture and indoor home decoration. I think Formnext+PM South China has done a great job in the 3D printing industry, attracting many high-quality buyers such as BYD and Contemporary Amperex."

Visitors Statements


New Vision Digital Services Pte Ltd

Mr Faishal Fazalbhoy, Director
“Our print-on-demand company is based in Singapore with operations in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and India. Coming to this event, my goals were to procure equipment, source suppliers, make new contacts and learn about new technologies. The fair has a high level of industry representation, and I have found multiple potential suppliers already. Browsing the exhibition floors, I gained valuable insights, particularly regarding printers capable of handling multiple resin types with different properties.”

Guangdong Trenrde Smart Technology Co Ltd

Mr Wahfu Lee, General Manager
“As specialists in polymer resin 3D printers, we attended Formnext + PM South China to gain a deeper understanding of industry trends and explore emerging technologies showcased by foreign exhibitors. This experience will help to inspire future company development and refine our product positioning. I visited renowned international brands like BASF to witness their advanced materials and innovative applications, and gained valuable business development insights.”


Mr. Qin Chao, Mold Department engineer
"I am mainly manufacturing molds, as well as additive manufacturing involving mold parts, especially metal, so I came to visit the exhibition." The future of additive manufacturing is definitely good, and there are more and more applications now. Hope to find a new material, suitable for the mold. It covers a wide range of things, and there are different materials."

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