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Formnext + PM South China will hold its inaugural edition in the brand-new Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center.


Anticipated to welcome over 10,000 visitors and host more than 200 exhibitors from around the world across approximately 20,000 sqm of exhibition space, Formnext + PM South China will bring a brand new experience to China’s manufacturing industry, covering an array of advanced technology, equipment and products under the categories of materials, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing, design, software and processing technologies.

Dr-Ing Kristian Arntz Managing Director and Partner of ACAM

“ACAM will be participating in the first edition of Formnext + PM South South China show in September 2020. We are quite excited about the new show by offering our services covering further education for companies as well as consulting and developments in the relevant areas of Additive Manufacturing to Chinese even Asian manufacturing industries. We expect it a great show in China as the market is emerging and Additive Manufacturing becomes more and more important to many companies in the area.”

Dr Markus Heering Managing Director of the Additive Manufacturing Working Group of VDMA

“For our 150 member companies, thise new trade fair creates an interesting access to the important Chinese market and the growing markets of the region. At the same time it offers the perspective of assisting the cooperation with this important region. We also see the opportunity to strengthen Formnext in Frankfurt as the world's leading trade fair for additive technologies through this event together with our partners.”

Exhibitors Statements


Xi’an Bright Laser Technologies Ltd

Mr Jia Xin, Deputy General Manager
BLT first participated at Formnext, Frankfurt in 2016. Since then, we gradually expanded our booth size and gained ample international exposure. Formnext has provided us an effective platform to display our products and network with industry experts on a global scale. Metal 3D printing is one of the most important technologies for Shenzhen manufacturers, we look forward to the inaugural edition of Formnext + PM South China and share our latest metal additive manufacturing solutions to fairgoers within the region.

Siemens Ltd (China)

Mr Zhang Bocheng, Business Development Manager
Siemens has been exhibiting at Formnext in Frankfurt since 2016, and the fair continues to be an effective promotional platform and marketing tool for our company. When Formnext decided to come to China, we confirmed our participation without hesitation, and look forward to fulfilling fairgoers’ expectations and sourcing needs.

3DCERAM (China)

Mr Ma Tao, General Manager
“Over the years, Formnext has proven to be an effective tool for the 3D industry and expedited communications between an array of manufacturing firms and solutions providers in Europe. With the growing advancements in AM and PM technologies in China, I am confident Formnext +PM South China will offer new manufacturing insights to the region.”

BMF Nano Material Technology Co., Ltd

Mr. Chris Zhou, General Manager of Asia-Pacific Area
BMF is a company specialized in manufacturing high-precision micro 3D printing system and providing 3D printing services. Up till now, the nanoArch series 3D printing system has been widely used by customers in more than 10 countries globally. Since 2017, BMF has continuously participated in Formnext and met many industrial partners downstream and upstream. Formnext is coming to China, which is an important move to explore the Asia Pacific market. We look forward to meeting you in Formnext + PM South China and sharing with you our latest technology and products.

Avimetal Powder Metallurgy Technology Co Ltd

Mr Zhang Guojun, Deputy General Manager
“Formnext and PM China are two of the most effective regional marketing tools for our brand. Based on the expertise from the successful annual fairs held in Germany and China, the debut of Formnext + PM South China without a doubt be a huge success and will offer new sourcing experiences to the region’s manufacturing sector.”

Qingdao Greenlong Machinery Co Ltd

Mr Chen Dongjian, General Manager
“We are delighted to learn that both Formnext and PM China organisers have joined forces to host the inaugural Formnext + PM South China in Shenzhen. Confident with the expertise offered by both German and Chinese fair organisers, I believe the fair will enhance knowledge exchange and help drive the development of AM and PM industries to newer heights.”

China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group

Mrs Chen Hongxia, Deputy Chief Engineer
“South China is one of the most world’s important manufacturing hubs and powder metallurgy technology markets in the region. Combining the successful experience from Formnext and PM China, we are optimistic Formnext + PM South China, held next fall in Shenzhen will without a doubt be a huge success and benefit the region’s manufacturing industry.”

Visitors Statements


Huawei Technologies Co Ltd

Mr Wang Kui, Process & Engineering Department, Senior Engineer
“Not long ago, Huawei has launched the intelligent vehicle business unit. As the key technology of automotive industry continues to evolve towards information and communication technology, intelligent vehicles industry sector is also another key business for our firm, apart from manufacturing cellphones and other connectivity devices. With that said, I came to learn about the latest AM and PM manufacturing technologies on offer to-date. One of the presentations I find interesting was by Siemens on implementing on automobile additive manufacturing processes with state of the art manufacturing technologies and solutions. I really like the idea of merging manufacturing processes like 3D printing via the cloud and digitisation. AM and PM manufacturing processes will be considered in our production line in the future. With that said, I very much look forward to what formnext+PM South China has to offer.”

Guaung Qi Honda

Mr Lin Jiawei, Company Representative
“Guang Qi Honda is a car manufacturer, I came to the summit to learn about the latest technologies from renowned solutions provider, hoping to get different insights on upgrading our existing manufacturing processes which can reduce manufacturing time as well as improving precision. Our firm relies very heavily on 3D printing technology to R&D parts for our vehicles to improve reliability, efficiency and performance. Being here at the summit provided me an opportunity to see and understand the different innovative manufacturing solutions that can potentially help us increase manufacturing precision while at the same time reduce production time. The summit was without a doubt very helpful for my line of work, and I really look forward to the exhibition that will take place next year here in Shenzhen. Being able to see the solutions and understand their respective performances in person will help with our sourcing needs.”

Evergrande National New Energy Vehicle Group

Mr Huang Nankun, Company Representative
“We are a new car manufacturing company and I really appreciate the opportunity to be here at the summit to learn about the ground-breaking manufacturing technologies. Powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing are some of the most popular means of manufacturing to-date. With the Chinese government pushing this manufacturing sector, it will inevitably be one of the more important manufacturing trends in the years to come. By being here and learn about the technology, this is a good opportunity for me to understand and incorporate technology to upgrade our production-line. I am really happy to be here at this event and look forward to new fair that will take place in Shenzhen.”

Central South University, Hunan Injection High Technology Co Ltd

Mr Li Yiming, Professor, Chairman
“MIM and AM manufacturing processes compliments each other and both have their specific advantages. MIM is great for mass production while AM is great for quick limited production runs. A similar traits from both processes is both have the capacity to produce intricate products. Hence they are two of the most effective manufacturing processes which complements each other while having the greatest potential in-terms of future development. I really like the fact that formnext and PM South China has joined forces to host the first edition of Formnext + PM South China next September. I really look forward to learning how AM and PM processes will develop and merge with the maturity of both technologies.”

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