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With the implementation of the optimization and adjustment measures, China's economic and social order will be restored at a faster pace. Formnext + PM South China will be held at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 29 to 31, 2023, in response to the eagerness of domestic and international manufacturers for face-to-face business negotiations.

Hundreds of Chinese and foreign exhibitors will showcase a series of cutting-edge technologies and equipment, including high-performance raw materials, design, software and processing technology in additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy and advanced ceramics. The 2023 exhibition will cover 20,000 square meters and is expected to attract more than 300 companies and more than 15,000 visitors.

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Anticipated to welcome over 15,000 visitors and host more than 300 exhibitors from around the world across approximately 20,000 sqm of exhibition space, Formnext + PM South China will bring a brand new experience to China’s manufacturing industry, covering an array of advanced technology, equipment and products under the categories of materials, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing, design, software and processing technologies.

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Exhibitors Statements


SLM Solutions (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

Mr Jerry Ma, General Manager
“We’ve been exhibiting at Formnext in Frankfurt for years and when we know that the fair is going to be held in China we decided to join as it is a trusted platform for the industry. Additive manufacturing is an emerging industry in China and has seen rapid growth over the past five years. The Chinese market has a lot of potential especially when the 14th Five-Year Plan calls for cultivating advanced manufacturing industry clusters, together with the government’s increased investment into aerospace technology, these will provide ample opportunities for the additive manufacturing industry. “

Shenzhen Bright Additive Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Mr Vincent Yang, Vice General Manager
“We are an industry chain’s metal additive manufacturing solution provider with headquarter in Xian, as well as branches and subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu, Weinan and Taixing. We are showcasing cultural and creative applications, shoe sole pattern molding, foaming molding, as well as medical and dental related latest applications. We have had a long-standing relationship with Formnext since its debut in Frankfurt in 2015, and we have started to exhibit at the fair from the next year, so that when Formnext + PM South China announced to hold in Shenzhen, we thought that it was undoubtedly an opportunity for our business development, and the fair will have positive effects towards Chinese industry and even in Asia through the Greater Bay Area.”

Raise 3D (Shanghai Fusion Tech, Ltd)

Mr Enderwick Pei, Marketing Director of China
“Our company is engaged in 3D printer’s applications, mainly with FDM technology. We have brought 3D printers of Pro3 series, carbon fiber E2Cf 3D printers, and more importantly the desktop metal 3D printers to the show. Although we have been a regular exhibitor in Formnext since its first edition, our main reason to exhibit in Formnext + PM South China is that the fair integrates powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing technologies which is closely matched with our business.”


Mr Jiadong Sun,General Manager, Greater China
“Formlabs is a 3D printing startup company which was founded in 2011. Our core business is 3D printing application manufacturing as well as development and production of related materials and facilities. Formnext in Germany is a leading and influential trade fair in the industry and around the world that we are excited and look forward to exhibiting in the first edition of Formnext + PM South China. South China is a pivotal region for the 3D printing industry and Chinese manufacturing industry while there are huge demands for 3D printing manufacturing. We are aiming to promote our brand and products, reach out to more end customers, and learn more about the industry trends. The visitor flow here is great, and there are a lot of customers are interested about our new products. It is noteworthy that the Form 3L’s debut is in Formnext + PM South China. ”


Mr Wu Min, General Manager
“As 3D printing and powder metallurgy integrated trade fair is a good opportunity for our company, and we are interested with the fair location as our base is also in Shenzhen that we are excited to exhibit in the debut of Formnext + PM South China and present our advanced products and services. Through participating in the fair, we hope to show off our brand value and find out more business channels as well as reach out more industrial customer. Our customers are mainly from universities, scientific research institutions, aerospace and defense related sectors, but manufacturing is the largest market that we are eager to meet with more industrial use customers from the Pearl River Delta region. All in all, visitors who have come to our booth are precise and closely matched with our business. They all come with targets, such as development problems of their products so we have had effective exchanges and can understand their needs directly.”


Ms Xu Yan, Product Marketing Manager
“As we have been participating in Formenxt which is a leading trade fair with good market praise. Therefore, we believe that we can seize more opportunities through this new fair in Shenzhen and reach out to more target customers. As we are from Shanghai that we are eager to expand our business to Shenzhen and South China. Our target customers are 3D printing manufacturers. Besides, the exhibit result is great that we have connected with some customers from South China, including desktop 3D printing customers.”
Peshing LOGO ai原稿

Peshing New Metal (Changzhou) Co Ltd

Mr Ray Chen, Regional Manager
“The fair not only focuses on 3D printing but also powder metallurgy, which is perfect for us as we’d like to explore new business areas and the fair allows us to promote our products to a wider group of industries in South China, especially we can meet buyers across different industries at the major manufacturing hub in China. Shenzhen, with its reputation for technological innovation and welcoming business environment, is perfect for business expansion.”

Visitors Statements



Mr Yi Lei, PhD, Research Centre
“We’ve got great result that we have interacted with some companies, such as printing equipment company formlabs and material related company Covestro. Regarding the industry development, metal material sector is well developed. Although ceramics materials and plastic materials also have a vivid progress, these materials focus on consumer goods that further improvements are need in industrial products.”

Shenzhen Pacific Union Precision Manufacturing Co Ltd

Mr Hongbao Jiang, Engineer
“I have great interest in metal 3D printing so when I know Formnext + PM China will debut in Shenzhen I have to come here. Many of the industry’s household names join the fair including Xi'an Bright Laser Technologies which I would visit their booth for sure. Besides sourcing for metal 3D printing products, I’ve learned about the latest technologies in additive manufacturing including ceramic printing and inkjet printing. I will definitely visit the fair next year!”

Guangdong Academy of Sciences

Mr Chang Cheng, Researcher, Institute of New Materials
“I am engaged in scientific research for laser and my main focus is laser cladding. My purpose to join this fair is to communicate with different companies or parties, so as to have further corporations if their business is matched. I have discovered BLT’ strengths that they have two or four lasers for 3D laser printing, which enhance production efficacy. Besides, the China’s 14th Five-Year Plan can bring forth prosperous future for the industry as the policy is in flavor of promoting high-tech industry developments. Also, new materials will be benefited from the policy while additive manufacturing can further boost new materials’ developments and applications. All in all, as we are in the digitalized and informational era, digitalization, additive manufacturing and powder’s integration will facilitate manufacturing industry to a splendid future.”

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